Shenzhen Sinovo Electric Technologies Co., Ltd,

established in 2006, is committed to being globally leading provider of products and service of industrial automation and new energy. SINOVO is specialized in the products of AC Drive, Electric vehicle motor controller, Solar Inverter, Servo and soft starter, etc, which are widely used in machine tools,textiles, packaging, printing, plastics, paper making, pharmaceuticals, oil field, chemicals, elevator, crane, cables, ceramics, building automation, Fans & Water pumps, vehicles, rail traction and other fields.
ZS Teknik SMC Private limited is official sole distributor for all products of Shenzhen Sinovo Electric Technologies Co., Ltd in Pakistan. We locally claim warranty of all Sinovo products and have ready stock of all range in Pakistan

AC Drives

Based on many years of research anddevelopment technology achievementsand market feedback, SD600 series ACDrive have been fully upgraded in termsof structure, hardware and software onthe basis of the excellent previous work.

Solar Pump inverter, Solar VFDs

SinovoSP600 is specially designed for tubewell application in Pakistan. Sinovo solar drive is a newly developed inverter for solar pump projects. Which is mainly used for water supply in remote areas without power supply or unstable power supply. The solar water pumpinverter can convert the DC power that generated by the solarpanels into AC power, which is used to drive various water pumps.The system can constantly pump water and does not require energystorage devices such as batteries, so it is recommended to pumpwater to a storage tank or reservoir. The SP600 inverter has adoptedthe MPPT, which can ensure the system runs at the maximum powerpoint in real time

Servo Motors and drives

Sinovo servo drives are compact, using easily and extremely versatile. The product suitable for high precision automatic machine, automatic production lines, machinery manufacturing, green energy, robots and other industrial control automation field.
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Soft Starter

Sinovo soft start is a kind of advanced digital and highly reliable soft starter, which provides advanced methods to reduce the current and torque in the motor starting process. The starting motor provides a soft start and smooth acceleration while the minimum current starting motor is required to provide a slowly increasing voltage. low voltage soft start is an ideal cost effective alternative to the star delta and the type of auto transformer starting