What We Do

Elevating Efficiency, Illuminating Sustainability

Empowering efficiency through automation & solar excellence, where cutting-edge equipment meets exceptional service

Industrial Services

Discover the pinnacle of industrial prowess with our specialized services tailored to revolutionize your plant’s processes and production. At ZS Teknik we’re your trusted partner

Green Energy

Embrace the future of sustainable energy with our green energy solutions. As the global drive towards environmental preservation gains momentum, the significance of green energy

Building Management System

Elevate your building operations with our sophisticated Building Management Systems (BMS), meticulously designed to orchestrate a harmonious symphony of functions.

Home Automation

Enter a realm of unparalleled convenience and control through our advanced Home Automation Solutions. At ZS TEKNIK, we specialize in seamlessly automating a range of

Smart Cities

Elevate urban living to new heights with our cutting-edge Smart City Solutions. At ZS Teknik, we specialize in transforming residential and commercial towns into intelligent.

Warranty Claim & Repairing

Unleash the potential of your technology investments through our expert Precision Repairing Services. At ZS Teknik, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing intricate circuit boards


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